Tsugumomo – Volume 11 Special 2

Hello, today we have the final chapter of Volume 11 for you. Edit: Volume 11 batch link added.


Volume 11 Special 2

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Kazuya and Kiriha go to the school at night to deal with an abberation. This chapter was a promotional one-off that ran in a magazine while Tsugumomo was still a web comic. The afterword at the end of the volume is also included.


Volume 11 Complete

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And here’s the complete volume.

4 thoughts to “Tsugumomo – Volume 11 Special 2”

  1. owo recently I found you guys in batoto checking ”Date A Party” but when I came here for more chapters I can find nothing. What happened with that project?

    1. I used KR raws for those. I TLed that into English and had that typeset with some bro in /a/.

      It died fast as Koreans didn’t want to TL it anymore.

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