6 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 93 ALPHA Release”

    1. Then don’t watch it? Unless it gets really popular its not going to change the track of the manga, if anything its probably just a promotional piece for the original material like the other billion anime adaptions are. I mean if they ruin it, even less reason to care because nobody will give it a second thought.

  1. Thanks for the chapter guys! and I’m looking forward to see how will be the voice of Kiriha in animation 🙂 (if guys need something, just let me know, I will help however I can, I’m a big fan of this manga)

  2. Hey guys! Thanks for the chapters, you guys rock. I wanted to ask something. Are you going to update the vol 16 chapters (from chap 77) with the tankoubon version and not the magazine one you used for all the alpha release? Same thing for the remake of the volume 1.

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