16 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 88 ALPHA Release”

  1. Thank you! Great work as always! My only wish is that the releases came out more often, but nothing you can do about that. With that in mind, it does make me appreciate how quickly you come out with your release so soon after publication.

  2. Any word on chapter 89? Did they lie to us about April 25th, or have you just not been able to get the raws yet? Looking forward to it no matter what!

  3. Are you going to use the tankoubon version for vol 16 and 17 ? Or will it stay in alpha release ?

  4. Hi /a/nimango scans, first of all, thanks for the chapters of tsugumomo 🙂
    Mmm… How I can contact you by email? I need ask you something
    (Sorry if you don’t understand my writing, my main language is spanish)

  5. Thank you for your work on this one. May I just ask if this one is still on-going? Thanks again.

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