Tsugumomo Chapter 77-82 ALPHA Releases

Update: DL links added for 78-82.

Looks like the /a/ archive is dead for now. And their crash lost the last few months of posts, so even a quick replacement would be missing some of these. Anyway, we’ve been doing alpha versions of chapters from 77 onward using magazine scans. I’d prefer that these not be uploaded to reader sites.

14 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 77-82 ALPHA Releases”

  1. Thanks for the new releases – looking forward to getting the download link for all of these!

    1. Well, that was quick! Put the above message up before I left for work this morning, and when I get home the download links are now up and running!

      Thanks for your continued support of this series!

  2. Is HavocParker on batoto a member of your group. He posted 77 on there and it looks like the alpha release.

    1. I’m in process of figuring that out; from the looks of it, however, he’s not one of us, and if he’s supposed to be, I don’t know who he is.

      I’m not going to go crazy all-out and make our scans completely private, but if this stupidity continues with Batoto (I already stand with Batoto by the way), I’m going to ask moderator to lock it up so only authorized users can upload into the series.

  3. …Some retard already upped 77p1&2 to batoto. This is why we can’t have nice things…

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