7 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 76 Script Dump”

    1. Pretty sure that’s the whole thing. There’s a “to be continued in next issue” note in the left margin.

  1. Can someone email me concerning posting speedscans using your translations. I don’t want to do what that crowcostumations guy did and use stuff without permission. email is this username at hotmail, sample at http://imgur.com/a/MGTSP

    1. You’re welcome to join us, instead of just typesetting our work and slapping your name with it. GDoc is the hint to find us. We don’t recruit here and this place is uglier than what I have intended originally.
      >(Sure, it does its job, but)

  2. My name was never going to appear on it, I didn’t want to take credit for your work. And I seriously doubt my skills are worthy to join your group. I’d love to join if you thought they were good enough to do so, but I doubt you’d want me for anything beyond leveling and cropping.

    1. Well, I’m no longer behind scene for Tsugumomo, so I’m not going to judge you on anything. You’ll have to talk to them on regarding how much and what you can help.

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