11 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 74”

    1. We caught up far early as April, if my memory serves me correctly. Too bad it’s monthly, I say, at times.

        1. if my memory serves correctly, yes, he’s on the usual “going to release new volume soon so going on hiatus” hiatus

        2. 80 came out in late July, 81 came out late August. No public raws yet, and we’re not gonna buy each issue of Gekkan Action just for Tsugumomo. They’ll get superseded by tanks a few months later anyway. Volume 16 should be released fairly soon, there are certainly enough chapters for it now.

          1. Vol 16 releases Oct 10th. If you want a copy I can rip 1448 x 2048 raws for you when it comes out.

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