11 thoughts to “Tsugumomo Chapter 120 ALPHA Release”

  1. Got a couple of typos, hope you don’t mind me pointing them out.

    On page 22, panel 4.
    “Where a boy and girl captured here recently?”
    Should be a ‘Were’ rather than a ‘Where’ there.

    On page 28, panel 5.
    “Okaaay, finaly today is the day!”
    Should be, “Okaaay, finally, today is the day!” An extra comma should be added there as well.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter. Kyouka bullying seems like it’s just gonna intensify from here on out, huh. Excellent.

  2. All attempts at getting to zippyshare.com leads me to 403. Is there a possibility that you can do alternate download links? There never used to be an issue with previous chapters.

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