Some Belated Tsugumomo Releases

Hi. It’s been a while, but we finally have some more Tsugumomo finished.


First of all, here are some rough alphas for chapters 94-97:

Tsugumomo Chapters 94-97 ALPHA

There was no chapter last month, and this month was a special chapter coinciding with the start of the anime. I did a liveTL for that earlier today ( and a TSed version should be available soon.

Second, we’ve finished the finalized version of volume 16.

Tsugumomo Volume 16

Hopefully releases will get back to a more normal rhythm going forward.

7 thoughts to “Some Belated Tsugumomo Releases”

  1. Absolutely love Tsugumomo, sad releases have been sparse, but I appreciate all that you guys do, thank you so much for your continued efforts!

  2. Didn’t see these when you originally put them out, so a belated thanks for the new chapters and also for the completed volume 16!

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