Site taking donations temporarily and onward information

Sorry for the lack of updates thereof. It seems we had problems with magazine raws and we just ran out, simply.
I’m not sorry about running out of the raws, though. Reminder that we do this for our enjoyment. Not really yours.

So, with updates,

Good news. I said I’m quitting scanning. Not subbing. I’m sure other groups will pick this up, but what will be be without Tsugumomo animation?

I set up a poll. I’ll see how this goes.

Bad news. Unfortunately, I hit rock bottom again this month. Site domain renewed for the 2nd year, and I’m also paying about 10$ a month out for a server rentals. It’s not a big money, but unfortunately, I don’t know how long I can keep funneling this, if I can’t even keep 100$ minimum deposit on my bank account.
I will ask you guys to send me donations here. Our comment section is set as “on approval.” If you like to throw in some donation, I propose to use it for the following:
-Keeping the site afloat (currently costs 30$ a year for domain + 10$ month)
-Buying BD reader and BD of Tsugumomo animation when it comes out (about 100$ each volume, I’m guessing. BD reader will be single-time of less than $100. And we can also rip and sub/share other crap later down the line, probably.)
-Subscribe to Magazine and provide raws in more streamlined fashion (since Tad is already buying books, I don’t think I need to buy books yet, either. Just remember that magazine chapters are sometimes incomplete chapters also, so book version is gonna be superior, anyways. Magazine version is only really there to keep us occupied, truthfully)
-Maybe even do giveaways (farfetched idea; our traffic right now is too small to even put ads to even think about this, to be honest)
Of course, then again, our domain is worth 2000 dollars, I could just sell it…

If you leave a comment here for me to approve, I will read it and then approve it if it’s general comment. If you leave your PayPal email address with amount you’d like to donate, I’ll send you PayPal invoice so you can send as “friendly/gift/donation” and it will most definitely go towards the goal I posted above.

If anyone have any idea on how to make the PayPal donation thing transparent, I’m willing to listen, to be frank.

18 thoughts to “Site taking donations temporarily and onward information”

    1. I just stopped translating because I got tired of doing it. But that was more than a year ago.

      For the rest of the chapters, explanation is this:
      >No raws available
      >Magazine source unreliable
      >Not easy to get because digital only, available in Japan region only
      >New volume not out yet
      >Mangaka probably busy with anime promotion, due out on April

  1. Unfortunately I doubt anyone will pick this up. It was in limbo for quite some time before JManga picked it up, and it was in limbo for quite some time after they died too…it’s a shame, but you’re right that you shouldn’t be sorry for quitting. Thanks very much for translating it as long as you have.

    1. We’re trying to get back on track, especially with Episode 1 already out, looks like.

        1. The TL I have in Korean matches to Leopard’s raw. I’m working on translating it right now.

      1. Is the half sub that just came out your doing? because if it is your doing the lords work and there may be hope of me actually being able to watch this series!

        1. I wasn’t aware, so if someone leaked my sub, I suppose? It’s out on GDrive dump, but it’s nowhere complete in English. Or for that matter, most aren’t in English at all.

          if someone ran machine translation and did TL out of that, that’s probably what happened. I’m going to try to do proper TLs. We’ll see what happens.

  2. Don’t mind chipping in towards hosting costs, looks like you guys are already covered in terms of buying the tanks? I suppose you would just need a comment with the right paypal address, correct The one associated with this comment should work.

    As for the anime, I voted yes towards subbing it just on a whim, but now that I think about it, really not worth the effort in my opinion. Obviously no way it can live up to the manga, and even though apparently it’s not absolutely terrible, don’t see much point in subbing it, at least in its current form. Most viewers outside of Japan I assume are going to be people who read the manga, they’ll know what’s happening. Would make more sense to potentially sub the BDs, at least you can have less censorship that way. In any case, the lack of subs, certainly the lack of a simulcast, keeps any general potential shitposting/bitching about the source material down.

    1. Do you want me to email you? Or you rather me send you PayPal request directly? (If you have PayPal app, this would be faster)

      1. Don’t have the app, but email or paypal request, either is fine, whichever is more convenient for you.

  3. If you ever want some help with subbing, give me an email. I’m a timer/QC/(sometimes)editor and wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

    1. Meet us at the GDoc. We have one guy who did timing but I think it might need to be redone.

  4. started watching the anime loved it, read ahead with tha manga loved it even more, so please send me a donation link, I would like to help.

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