Our late as hell 1 year anniversary


So, yeah. Very late, Cake. Smart move.

Not going to blogfag but I will say what I have to say. 4 day left for ban and I got many Kancolle translation I want to dump. Any help getting those typeset will be appreciated.

Also, I fucked up and forgot to pay the site bill. It might go down for few hours. Sorry. Some help paying it would be appreciated Received donation to cover 2 months and a half. Thanks.

9 thoughts to “Our late as hell 1 year anniversary”

  1. belated Congratulations on one year.

    Look forward to seeing more of your releases guys. Thanks for your continued dedication to translating Tsugumomo.

    1. Apparently, I been “ban dodging” but I don’t even know what my first ban was that I “dodged” in the first place. No use crying about it, though. And I can’t appeal it because ban is slapped onto my 4Chan pass to make it even weirder.

      I stopped posting in /a/ for now to prevent any fuckery, but this is why I got the domain and server in the first place. Just 48 more hours.

  2. I don’t have any money to donate but you could just take my steam account and sell it somewhere if you need money that much

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