Tsugumomo – Kakuen no Hinagiku Crossover + Chapter 55

Howdy folks. Got a couple chapters for you. For older chapters, you’ll have to use Batoto or brave the badly organized google doc for now. The Tsugumomo GDoc should have working links for all the chapters. If any are broken/missing, leave a note. Hopefully we should have batched volume links up sometime in the next few weeks.


Kakuen no Hinagiku Crossover

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This is a special chapter that was published in the print version of Comic High! while Tsugumomo was serialised in the web version. It’s a crossover with Kakuen no Hinagiku.


Chapter 55

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In this chapter, Bakura the pillow tsukumogami returns to claim her payment for helping our heroes out during the Reversal! arc.



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    1. Just to clarify, the file itself is clean. The DL site is loaded with ads, but as long as you ignore those and click on the link next to the blue arrow that says “Click here to start download from sendspace”, you should be fine.

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