Donation drive/request

Good day, it is that unhappy moment in a day and time for me, where I came home and learned that I am about to pay couple hundred dollars in overdraft fee unless I get this mess sorted out, whoohoo!

Unfortunately, our server host increased the monthly bill earlier this year and I kind of tanked it on from last donations I have received and along with extra hours I took on from my work, but my hours have been severely cut past few months due to still ongoing recession, and my bank account slowly depleted. And then bill for 100 dollars hit for the domain renewal hit a few days ago, along with 3 months of server fee.

I need you guys and girls’ help a bit to keep the site afloat as always.

Again, much help is appreciated. You can reply here on the bottom and look for me to arrange money to be sent in this direction. I have also set up Paypal money pool option here. Or you can also find me in the Discord by clicking on this link and we can arrange other ways of donation.