Donation drive/request

Good day, it is that unhappy moment in a day and time for me, where I came home and learned that I am about to pay couple hundred dollars in overdraft fee unless I get this mess sorted out, whoohoo!

Unfortunately, our server host increased the monthly bill earlier this year and I kind of tanked it on from last donations I have received and along with extra hours I took on from my work, but my hours have been severely cut past few months due to still ongoing recession, and my bank account slowly depleted. And then bill for 100 dollars hit for the domain renewal hit a few days ago, along with 3 months of server fee.

I need you guys and girls’ help a bit to keep the site afloat as always.

Again, much help is appreciated. You can reply here on the bottom and look for me to arrange money to be sent in this direction. I have also set up Paypal money pool option here. Or you can also find me in the Discord by clicking on this link and we can arrange other ways of donation.

non-Tsugumomo related update

I added a widget on to the right side of the site. If you are kind enough to help me get by again, so I can continue to manage this site, I would be grateful as always.

Apparently, somehow sharing it via Facebook also helps so even if you’re broke, if you can click on the widget and click “share this on your Facebook”, and if you could also ask people to have this shared all over on the Facebook, that would help me tremendously also.

And yes. I actually did lose the car during the Spring. It’s actually not fun. Don’t get your car stolen, guys.

Happy New Years, Marry Christmas and Festivus, and/or whatever holiday you celebrate, I wish you all good luck. Don’t get your car stolen, guys.

Blog updated with reCAPTCHA and etc

Most of you won’t notice what I even did. People who have accounts and/or have commented prior and has approved comments won’t see any problem.

What this does is, pretty much ignorable for you guys; site stays spam free without me doing much. Not that much of it made through before, but I had to manually approve everything back in the day. Now it allows me to only do very little site moderation, which is perfectly fine with me. Rest of the team will work invisibly, as prior, and life will go on.

I could probably kill myself now, and it will remain fine until my credit card stops paying the site. And unironically, that’s pretty much what I wanted.

I also have deleted some account that seems to be spam accounts. If you lost your account, please find us on the usual channel and let me know what I fucked up.

There’s also the Twitter account that I forget to use that you guys can contact me by.

p.s. if anyone knows why the majority of my spammers are Russian based, let me know.

Site taking donations temporarily and onward information

Sorry for the lack of updates thereof. It seems we had problems with magazine raws and we just ran out, simply.
I’m not sorry about running out of the raws, though. Reminder that we do this for our enjoyment. Not really yours.

So, with updates,

Good news. I said I’m quitting scanning. Not subbing. I’m sure other groups will pick this up, but what will be be without Tsugumomo animation?

I set up a poll. I’ll see how this goes.
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Our late as hell 1 year anniversary


So, yeah. Very late, Cake. Smart move.

Not going to blogfag but I will say what I have to say. 4 day left for ban and I got many Kancolle translation I want to dump. Any help getting those typeset will be appreciated.

Also, I fucked up and forgot to pay the site bill. It might go down for few hours. Sorry. Some help paying it would be appreciated Received donation to cover 2 months and a half. Thanks.

Testing 3 w 1

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Edit: 1st Experiment successful. Thank you, to those who have participated.

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