AniM/a/ngo is recruiting, sorta, not really-tta, beretta, ricotta chadda-ta (okay I’ll stop)

We always need more members. Well, why? Shit happens, obviously.

Right now I’m taking a break without anyone’s permission but never mind that.
I bought us a site and that should allow me to slack up a bit, right? RIGHT?

Anyhow, so, things people we can use are:

For Tsugumomo:
Nothing off my head.

For other projects:
-I’m currently considering rebooting Discommunication project I had with #TKTranslate.
I’ll post announcement once I’m ready to sort that out.
-Re:Marina is still being in sorted-out stage. If you’re willing to help with translation, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

Other projects:
-are welcome, if you can provide any (most preferred) of the following:1. Raws.
And I don’t mean public ones. If you have volumes you’re willing to sacrifice but don’t have scanning knowledge/scanner, feel free to contact us to arrange something.
2. Translation.
JP translators are always welcome with us.
Seeing as me nor mkw does not read it fluently, and me and MKW still get decent TL done, even if this is your first time translating, you’re welcome to join us. KR translators and CN translators are also welcome if you can speak any bits and pieces of English.
3. Cleaning.
1. Must have a clear understanding of why PNG is superior for raw vs JPEG. 2. Must know why you can’t just hoopla through brightness-contrast to make your raw look sharp. and 3. Must be available at least 5 days a week, even if it’s only hour or two a day.
4. loli

and if you can’t provide those, there’s always
5. Money/Donation.

Site manager:
Surprise. I need someone who can do following:
-Knows how WordPress works
-Follows our stuff
-Knows HTML/CSS/phpBB and shits and giggles
-Knows moot or admins personally

7 thoughts to “AniM/a/ngo is recruiting, sorta, not really-tta, beretta, ricotta chadda-ta (okay I’ll stop)”

  1. Are you going to continue posting chapters to for the foreseeable future or do you plan on getting a reader going? Also I moderate r/tsugumomo on reddit, message me if there is anything we can do to help out.

    1. Probably no reader. While it’s a great idea, we originally picked this up just to fill up the gap between the better scans vs not scanned.

      Our focus, therefore, is to get the project out that’s halted/slowed down/thing that nobody picked up and get people to like it. Discommunication is another good example (that I made a booboo on)

  2. Is there any specific kind of manga you’re planning to do or will you consider anything someone will offer if they’ve got the raws?

    I’ve got some raws of stuff I scanned myself that hasn’t been translated, some where the team working on a series just petered out and left it dangling and some where no-one’s ever attempted to scanlate them.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with Discommunication and whether you’ll continue with the Discommunication Hen side-stories.

    1. While the Dou’s version was good, I personally felt that TL didn’t do justice to the series in regards to Seireihen. I’m definitely going to redo those, too.

      In regards to Discomm, I have contact who’s willing to work it out with me. More news on that post-February.

      And in regards to future projects, in most cases we will consider it, but most definitely it should be our other members have to enjoy too? (Especially TL, since we only have one lead TL for JP at the moment) If anything, we can have it sit and, well, we always are /a/-based. If we dump enough raw, someone might get interested and want to TL; (that’s how a lot of projects get picked up after all; we just “try” to be more organized then general /a/non-based translation squad)

      you can shoot at us what project it was; I’ll dissect, maybe there’s KR raw somewhere and we can somehow make the long wait go faster.

      1. There’s Toshiki Yui’s Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa which was finished from late on in volume 4 by a group working from Chinese scans, a non-native grasp of English and no QA that I can make out. I think it deserves better.

        I’ve got my own raw scans of volume 5 of BnFnT if you want to have a look at them. I released a 1920-pix high partially-cleaned version of this volume a while back but I’ve still got the off-the-glass original 600dpi scans if your cleaning team want to use them.

        We can take this discussion to email if you don’t want to clog up your comment section. I’ve got your email already, you’ve pinged me a while back about Tsugumomo raws.

  3. I love this manga! I can help if you guys need someone to edit Tsugumomo, send to me something and I will do my magic in one week, or less!

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